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Gustavo Nasuti Group, Argentinische Multiinstrumentalisten (Meisterkonzert)

Gustavo Nasuti Group © Gustavo Nasuti Grupo

Argentinische Multiinstrumentalisten

Mit „Todos los tiempos ahora“ (Noseso Records) hat der bekannte Komponist und Multi-Instrumentalist Gustavo Nasuti sein sechstes Album herausgebracht. Es stellt zugleich sein erstes, zusammen mit der Gustavo Nasuti Grupo produzierte Album dar. Waldemar Garin (Violine), Luis Conde (Bassklarinette), Zelmar Garin (Schlagzeug, Percussion und Gesang) und Gustavo Nasuti (Gitarre, Akkordeon und Gesang).

Gustavo Nasuti: "My music style is a synthesis of all my influences: the one that comes from Argentinean traditional music, the tango and folklore, the influences of River Plate traditions of milonga, candombe and murga, and all that is subject to constant experimentation in improvised music, the 'free style'."

The prominent composer and multi-instrumentalist Gustavo Nasuti is releasing „Todos los tiempos ahora” (Noseso Records), his sixth record and the first one produced along with his group, integrated by Waldemar Garin on violin, Luis Conde on bass clarinet, Zelmar Garin on drums, percussion and vocals, and Gustavo Nasuti on guitar, accordion and vocals.


Gustavo Nasuti was studying guitar and composition at Morón Provincial Conservatory (Buenos Aires), his interests led him to start investigating outside the academic sphere, where he went through music and experiences that shaped his personality. The style of ECM and Gismoti's records, the songs of Dino Saluzzi and his quartet Cuarteto Cedrón, discovering Jorge Lazaroff and his group Los que iban cantando, being part of the group Cuarteto Monserrat along with Vicente Correa. As a soloist, he recorded the album "Antiguas presencias" (independent record, 2009).

He worked as a composer, arranger and director at recordings and concerts with the murga group Sacate el Almidón (1997), the quartet Cuarteto Monserrat (independent recordings, 2002), 1000hongos ("Hermanos cósmicos", independent record, 2007) and Dúo Itinerante ("Desde la nada", Noseso Records, 2009). As arranger and director, he collaborated in the recording of "Flor de Cobre", an album by Claudia Tomás based on the work of Alberto Muñoz. As a performer, he accompanied Juan Falú, Tata Cedrón, Pinocho Routín, Silvia Iriondo, Claudia Tomás, Emilio de la Peña, Araca La Cana, Alberto Muñoz, Lucio Capece, Zelmar Garín, Sergio Merce, Soema Montenegro (live and in studio) on guitar, accordion or piano. He participated in several editions of the Guitars of the World International Festival.


„Gustavo Nasuti schafft faszinierende und bezaubernd harmonische Melodien. Seine Musikarrangements und die Art, wie er die von ihm geschriebenen Phrasen setzt, ermöglichen es den Musikern, selbst frei zu kreieren. Dies offenbart sich jeweils im Ergebnis der gemeinsamen Arbeit. Jeder Musiker der Gruppe erhält die Gelegenheit sein Potenzial voll zu entfalten.“ (frei übersetzt nach C. Salatino - Cultural Section, Tiempo Argentino newspaper)

„Das jüngste Album „Todos los tiempos ahora” (Noseso Records) der Gustavo Nasuti Grupo, ist größtenteils instrumental. Es erstreckt sich über Tango, Folklore, Milonga und Murga und bezieht Züge des Free-Jazz ein. Das führt zu Momenten eindrucksvollen musikalischen Reichtums. (frei übersetzt nach „Radar“, Cultural Section - Página 12 newspaper)

"Remarkable mixture of languages of Gustavo Nasuti Grupo." Ricardo Salton - Ámbito Financiero newspaper

"Gustavo Nasuti goes find the music and makes it flow through him, with all his vitality, as well as through his marvellous group." Nicolás Russo - Veintitrés magazine

"Gustavo Nasuti likes to play on the edges. Because of that ¾because he walks on the ledge, but also because of the playful aspect of his work¾ he is creating some of the most original sounds of River Plate music. The band that accompanies this expressive guitarist goes in the same direction." Pablo Vázquez - Diario Popular

"The perfect synthesis. Performances are full of inspiration and even manage to sail smoothly the rough waters of improvisation (where so many others sink). From the songs emerge tango, folklore, candombe, milonga and murga, all played with passion and accuracy." Guillermo E. Pintos - Miradas al Sur newspaper

"As the songs of the album pass by, they serve as the soundtrack of an imaginary journey in which the music defines the route. From the city to the North, the urban life and the countryside are marvellous potions based on the interpretations and the guests, each one of whom is placed in the exact position Nasuti imagined for his work." Pao De Senzi - Boletín Folklore news bulletin

"Gustavo Nasuti is a prominent composer and multi-instrumentalist, a man that throws himself to the jaws of the piano, the guitar, the accordion, the bandoneon, and, of course, the vocals, combining traces of folklore, tango and jazz, always with taste and accuracy." "Ni a Palos" Section - Tiempo Argentino newspaper

"An album that is a finished sample of Gustavo Nasuti's great talent." Jorge García - El Amante magazine